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A Great Product Starts With a Great Team

Our success isn’t only due to the high bar we set; it comes down to our attitude, how we approach problems and the way we treat each other and clients.

Jode HimannSenior VP of Strategic Development

Jode is a big thinker with a passion for physics, biology, and math. In 2003 he started Nemalux, a leading-edge company who has done work for likes of NASA and Bombardier.

Samuel Pogosian, L.C.CEO

As CEO, Sam is accountable for the execution of our shared vision to improve safety, decrease environmental impacts and increase operational efficiency through continual innovation.

Brad FincarykPresident & CFO

In 2003 Brad started Nemalux with Jode. He has won numerous awards including Canada’s Hottest Innovative Companies Award and Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Finalist.

Corey Tracy, P. Eng.Principal Engineer

As a professional engineer and industrial physicist, Corey finds it extremely rewarding when concepts he’s developed, from early idea to finished product, find success on the market.

Richard HansonVP of Innovation

Embedded system software and hardware experience along with a relationship with the founders brought Richard to Nemalux back in 2007.

Scott WongOperations Manager

Scott had a relationship with the founders of Nemalux that brought him onto the Nemalux team in 2006.  He has a background in manufacturing and also has a Bachelors in technology.

The talent behind
the reputation

In 2003, Nemalux began with a single idea – combine our passion for physics and innovation to create unique products that improve the quality of the environment we live and work in.  Since that point, Nemalux has grown in the striving company and group of brands that it is today.

Today, the Nemalux Inc. umbrella includes Nemalux Industrial, Lumenova and CRS Electronics.

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